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Yes, you just need to confirm that your design is included in the list of designs available.  If not included yet, please get in contact with your design provider to include it.

Yes, SimuLENS® includes a large list of compatible topographers.  Choose one of them or get in contact with us ( to include your own topographer

Its very simple, you can just get in contact with our team ( to support you and show you how to upload your fitting sets in the platform.

No, SimuLENS® is a web platform.  You can open and work on it from any PC or LAPTOP from your clinic or your home.  Once you subscribe you can open your profile from any PC.

No, SimuLENS® allows the practitioner to virtually fit lenses fast ad precise, but can not record any data from the patients.

Yearly subscription to use each design on SimuLENS® designs costs is less than the price of a pair of contact lens.

SimuLENS® demonstrated to be very accurate fitting lenses in most patients, achieving rates of succeed over 92%