3 simple steps

How it works?

SimuLENS® includes multiple contact lenses Design Virtual Fitting Sets, helping the practitioner to choose best fitting easier and faster.

1. Take patient’s eye topography

Just need to take the patients topography and open it in SimuLENS® website. SimuLENS® is compatible with a large number of topographers as Oculus, Eaglet, Keratron, etc…

2. Choose your design

You will have the list of designs suscripted and just need to choose the apropiate design. You can always increase your list of designs available and valid for one year use with unlimited number of fittings.

3. Click on AUTOFIT

SimuLENS® will fit virtually all lenses included in the extended designs trial set (up to 25.000 lenses) and decide following the fitting guide the best lens fitting on the topography. Then, practicioner might need to test the most similar lens from the physical trial set to make the over refraction in case of needed.

Practitioner can always test diferent lenses or parameters from the trial set to find if the virtual fitting is the one desired

Also practitioner can always inspect cornea and lens profile, fluorogram and tear thicknes in any meridian (1 degree steps) and every radius (0,01 mm distance). SimuLENS® fits the lenses having in count the 3D eye shape rotating the lens on the eye surface with a ultra precise calculation algorithm.

All the information you need to improve your fitting.